Combining Art and Skill with a Semi Automatic Espresso Machine

11.11.2015 | 09:59


My grand-father has been in the coffee business for almost three decades now. He is an importer of high quality coffee from Kenya. Last year (2014) the Annual World Barista Championship was held in my home town Dublin, Ireland. This was a great opportunity for me as a budding coffee enthusiast. After attending the event the things I learnt about the best semi automatic espresso machine are priceless.

I was lucky enough to interact with several coffee buffs and what stood out is their difference in opinion. Some would say that the best semi automatic espresso machine is one that can consistently give out the same quality coffee throughout its use. Others would argue that the best is one that will bring out the artistry in the user, test and explore their skill and potential. One interesting argument was that the best semi automatic espresso machine is the one that can boil and steam at the same time. This means the wait time between boiling and steaming is eliminated ensuring consistency and quality, at the same time exploring the maker’s artistry.

The artistry, quality and consistency employed by the winner, Australian Sasa Sestic, brought throughout the competition was amazing. It was clear he was using a dual boiler high-end machine that is able to boil and steam at the same time. Every element including temperature, pressure and coffee grind quantity was adjustable and controllable. With all these features being able to vary, employing proficiency, creativity and presentation was easier.

One contestant mentioned that the best machine is one that combines science with art to give you the best. Pressure and temperature variations are crucial. Single boiler semi automatic espresso machines may be pocket friendly but they will be limiting if you want to explore the artist in you. It is better to invest in a high-end and the very best semi automatic espresso machine for best results.

Overall, the Breville brands and Gaggia brands have always dominated the espresso machine market. These brands offer consistency in quality, are convenient to use and their features are highly automated.

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