A Personal Guide To Using A Sewing Machine

13.8.2015 | 07:17


I have long been around sewing machines in my home, as both my mother and grandmother, continually work on various fabrics and clothing. I have only used a sewing machine a couple of times, the only times being an experiment to see if I liked it or not. For the most part, while it is a process that is foreign to those who have never done it, including myself, it was kinda cool. I don’t regularly sew by any means, as finding the time to do it next to impossible. However, from what I have learned, both from my mother and my real life experience, I am able to provide a top beginner sewing machine review.

Some Tips On How To Sew

This wont be a complete how to on sewing for beginners, for I myself am still not a pro by any means. Instead, I will go over a a few basics, in order to give you a top beginner sewing machine review. Here are some tips you get you started:

Before You Get Started

You will need to know that there are many different types of sewing machines that are available.The right sewing machine for you will depend, and it may take trial and error before you decide on one. For me, one of the hardest parts of sewing was choosing the fabric I wanted to work with. The best fabrics are those that are medium in weight, with fabrics that aren’t stretch, with a striped pattern. Medium weights means it wont slip under the needle, as well as non stretch will keep the fabric in place when you are sewing.

How To Make A Simple Pattern

Before you start doing elegant patterns, you should look to build on simple ones. First begin with the fabric previously chosen, and fold it it a crease, so that it remains in tact. The best size, from my experience, was about the 6-8 inch range for width, and 15-18 inch range for length. Threat the machine next, since there are so many types of machines, you will need to read the manual for specifics for your type. The needle you use will depend on your skillset, as many people use a variety of needles for their sewn work. Since medium fabrics were used, use a medium needle, and set the machine to straight stitch. Keep the position up, so that the needle won’t slip when you use it. Put your foot on the presser step, using the handwheel at first to change the level of the needle, and go down the stripe on the pattern. Do a straight line pattern, and after you are done, admire your work. Keep training at it, as you will eventually become precise with this sewing machine as long as you keep up with it.

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