This stovetop tea kettle is my favourite

26.8.2016 | 03:27

stovetop tea kettle

This stovetop tea kettle is my favorite! I’ve had metal stovetop kettle, and the electric kettle that plug into the wall, and this one beats both.

Some people said the glass or the plastic broke easily, but we’ve had ours for about a month now, used it almost every day, and it’s holding up really well. You’re not supposed to have the plastic handle over the heat source at all – so just make sure to position it on your stove as such. If you have an electric stove, it comes with a little looped wire to place it on to distribute the heat evenly (since we have a gas stove, I can’t tell you whether that works or not).

Guide: How to choose the right tea kettle

For gas stoves, you just plop it on the range. They recommend not keeping it on the stove too much longer if it’s started to whistle, so keep that in mind as well. We live in a 3 story house, and from the second floor you can hear the whistle if you don’t have the doors closed. As for cleaning, you can reach in and and lightly scrub away any residue from water – it comes right off (although I have women’s hands – the average man’s hand might not fit?). I guess I’d also recommend not putting it on the table or other surface without a pad or something underneath it, after it’s boiled recently. Just think of it like any other glass cookware. It’s not as thick as glass bakeware, but it’s not as thin as a glass french press. I wouldn’t go banging it around a lot, but it’s also not going to shatter if it taps something. I would absolutely recommend this stovetop tea kettle!

Visually, it’s kind of cool to be able to see the water boil. It’s also supposedly the best way to make coffee or tea (boiling water in glass). And considering that the price of a glass water boiler that you plug in is really high, 10 bucks is such a bargain. I’m pretty sure the plastic electric water boilers cost more than that. Even if this one broke someday, I’d buy another one. Worth it. Loving it! - Sabinchen

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