Tips on finding a high performance rice cooker

21.3.2016 | 04:31

This handy one pot machine takes the guess work out of making fluffy rice every time. As well as rice, today’s models can also be used for everything from cooking your morning porridge, to making hearty soups and even delicious puddings.

Basic or multifunction?

There are two kinds of rice cookers: basic and multifunction. Basic models are the cheapest no-frills versions that are ideal for most home cooks. They usually come with a keep warm function to keep the rice heated once it’s finished cooking and some are equipped with a steaming basket. You can use a basic rice cooker to cook soups, stews and puddings.

Multifunction rice cookers are more expensive, but they have a range of automatic settings to let you slow cook, steam and cook a range of dishes. The most expensive rice cooker use ‘fuzzy logic’ technology that allows you to perfectly cook every type of rice imaginable and will adjust the temperature throughout the cooking process to ensure a perfect result. Look for one with presets for all of the dishes you’re likely to make and this is sure to become your most handy kitchen appliance.

It’s all about size

When you’re choosing a rice cooker, think about the quantity of rice you’ll want to cook at one time. If you’re likely to cook for many, then opt for the largest option, similarly, choose the smaller models if you’re only cooking for two. Think about the size of the machine and where you intend to store it.  Full post at Best Recipes: Choosing a rice cooker

Most chefs are tired of using Teflon or any other non-stick rice cookers since they allow for a lot of chemical leakage in to the food, which might cause a lot of health problems if used for a long time.

The other problem is, even for stainless steel rice cookers, you need to have the correct tips in mind for choosing the best brand and design with all the necessary and high performing features in order to be able to pick the right cooker.

The best stainless steel rice cooker market is crowded with a lot of different brands, making it difficult for new buyers to get the best stainless steel rice cooker.

Zojirushi NP-HBC10 5-1/2-Cup (Uncooked) Rice Cooker

This Zojirushi rice cooker tops our list of the best stainless steel cookers because of its micro computer technology that makes it the easiest to use among all rice cookers. This rice cooker has automatic keep-warm and extended keep-warm options for optimum operability.

Enjoy cooking perfect rice with this easy to use and clean stainless steel rice cooker with provisions for cooking brown rice, sushi rice, mixed rice and porridge. Its superior induction heat technology makes it the best rice monster in the market today.

The cooker absorbs heat fast and distributes it more evenly for perfect cook of your rice. It also has a delay timer with two settings. In other words, this is a perfect stainless steel rice cooker worth taking home.

You must have realized that when picking the best stainless steel rice cooker, you have to consider safety standards, performance, durability and ease of use among other important features. A good rice cooker should have all the optimum capabilities as well as be able to deliver satisfying results in your kitchen.

If it comes in a more appealing look and long lasting construction; that means it is an added advantage to your kitchen. Therefore, in as much as picking the best stainless steel rice cooker might be a problem, having the right tips for choosing a good cooker will guide you whenever you are in the market for a new rice cooker.

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